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General terms and conditions

§ 1 General terms and conditions
The general terms and conditions regulate the legal relationships between „Wir für Bad Hindelang eG, Am Auwald 12, 87541 Bad Hindelang – subsequently also called the organisers“ and their visitors. If you acquire an online-ticket the following conditions are valid as agreed.

§ 2 Event time and opening hours
The current event times as well as the daily opening hours are published on our website.

§ 3 Order and purchase
The online ticket can exclusively be acquired by our online-ticket shop. The offer for the conclusion of a treaty concerning the purchase of an online ticket comes from the customer.
The customer receives an e-mail with the confirmation of the ticket purchase, if the payment is authorised. Only the given terms of payment on the homeapge are exclusively valid.
On the basis of the confirmation of the online-ticket purchase by e-mail, the organiser accepts the customers‘ contract offer under the disruptive conditions that the receipt of payment of the number of tickets is available for the chosen event time.

§ 4 Entrance price
The valid entrance prices of the current organisers‘ publications are shown on the website.

The entrance price includes the visit of the „Erlebnis-Weihnachtsmarkt“,
– Free car parks
– Shuttle bus free of charge
– Christmas tree exhibition
– Crib exhibition
– Use of the toilets
– All open air concerts
– Children event-hats such as Villa Villekula, heavenly post office, angel work shop, candle house
– Events on the Children’s Day: baking with Pippi, children theater, carousel

The entrance of 10 Euros includes the great Christmas and Fairy tale parade on Friday and Sunday.

§ 5 return / cancellation of resolved tickets
Bad weather or any other short term changes of the daily programme do not authorise the return of online tickets.

§ 6 revocation
As far as organisers offer services from the area of the freetime events, especially for entrance tickets for the events, § 312 paragraph 3 cipher 6 BGB is valid.
Accordingly a two weeks revocation right is excluded. Every order of an online-ticket is therefore immediately binding after the confirmation of „Wir für Bad Hindelang“ and obliges to accept and pay the ordered ticket.

§ 7 loss of online tickets
In case of a loss of the online ticket „Wir für Bad Hindelang eG“ issues a replacement ticket , if the buyer can prove or credibly show, that he had acquired the ticket.
The organiser is entitled to impose a handling fee for the issue of replacement tickets.

§ 8 admission
The admission to „Erlebnis-Weihnachtsmarkt“ normally starts 60 minutes before the official opening start.

The admission personnel is entitled to demand the corresponding entitlement pass for a reduced online-ticket e.g. in case of a disability up to 50%.

§ 9 Lost property
First of all the objects are kept by the organiser and are given to the public lost property office at the end of an appropriate safekeeping period. Please contact info@erlebnisweihnachtsmarkt.de concerning the inquiry as well as the opening hours and the whereabouts of lost objects. For the treatment of the lost property §§ 978 and the following paragraphs BGB are valid.

§ 10 The domestic authority
The organiser is responsible for the domestic authority during the time of the event and is accordingly entitled to declare dissmisals and bans respectively or to take action of any other appropriate measurements in the frame of this domestic authority. Visitors can be especially banned, if they disturb, trouble other visitors or breach in any way or in a considerable way or repeatedly the general terms and conditions. The access can be denied, if the founded assumption exists that the visitor of the event disturbs or troubles other visitors.

§ 11 visiting ban
Excluded from a visit are:
– Persons who have a proved SARS-COV-2-infection
– Persons who are subject to a quarantine measurement
– Persons with Covid-19 associated symptoms (acute, unspecific general symptoms, loss of smelling and taste, breathlessness)

§ 12 applicable law / place of fulfillment / place of venue
German law is exclusively applied. This is also valid for the advanced purchase of tickets in the internet. Place of fulfillment is Bad Hindelang. This is also valid for the provision of ordered online tickets.

§ 13 legal validity
The general terms and conditions take effect at the beginning of the advanced purchase of tickets for the corresponding play time and replace the user conditions which were valid before.

§ 14 data privacy
The personal related data of the online buyer are observed in accordance with the data privacy right for the performance of the contract in a required extent to process, save and use data.

The „Wir für Bad Hindelang eG“ is entitled to pass the data to individual and legal persons, provided that they carry out the online ticket contract and are instructed by „Wir für Bad Hindelang KG“ with the distribution of the tickets.

On demand and every time revocable the organiser informs the customer about the use of his/her data and about further offers and agrees to the sending of newsletters.

As it is important to us that you feel safe and at ease by visting our website and the protection of your privacy has a high significance for us, we have created our internet offer in a way that it is used basically anonymously. However, exceptions are hereof elucidated due to the following reasons.

§ 15 usage data
As far as you access the website „Hindelanger Weihnachtsmarkt“, the saving of a dataset on the web server follows. The dataset consists of the complete IP-address, the call’s point of time, the called URL, the used version, the http-protocol, the result of the value, the call of the size, byte and the page, which has been called before this page, the used programme (browser and operating system).

The usage data are made anonymously according to the „Telemediengesetz“ (TMG www.gesetze-im-internet.de/tmg/) and hereby the personal reference is cancelled. Therefore, the generation of personal user profiles is excluded. The passing on of data to third persons or any other evaluations do not take place.

§ 16 encryption
In order to protect your data in a quite possibly fully way regarding undesired usage, a SSL-encryption is applied in the frame of our online ticket service.

§ 17 online – ticket – service
We need your personal data while you are buying your tickets via the online ticket system. These data are only used by the organiser and their suppliers for the carrying out and/or the improvement of existing or future service. The organiser does not deal with personal data of customers. The transfer of personal data to third parties for advertisement purposes is not carried out. In any case the transfer of bank or credit card numbers to unauthorized third parties is excluded.

§ 18 Your rights as a user
As user according to § 34 and § 35 „Bundesdatenschutzgesetz“ you have the right to ask at any time for information which data about you are stored by us and for what purpose the storage is carried out. Beyond that you can correct incorrect data or you can demand to delete such data which saving is inadmissable or no more necessary.